Thursday, July 15, 2010

Glide Review - William Brittelle - Television Landscape

Got a new review over at Glide up today.

It is of William Brittelle's upcoming release, Television Landscape.

Read all about it Right C'here!

Go that link and read it...all done?  Good.

I wasn't joshing your chain or sweeping your crank when I said that William Brittelle is an artist to watch, this album has some intriguing stuff.  

Granted it is not going to be for everyone, but it does make a pretty cool listen, and musically I was super impressed by all the participants, and there were a lot of them.

The Long Count, So Percussion, Alarm Will Sound, NOW Ensemble, The Brooklyn Youth Chorus, Mark Dancigers...all and more contributed to this album, and you can feel the expanse and vitality with which it Television Landscape was crafted. 

Some of my favorite albums of all-time are concept albums, because when all the moving parts collide the explosion is spectacular and can elevate this art-form into something other worldly.  While I enjoyed all the music presented here, I had a much harder time with the lyrics, I got no idea what Brittelle is trying to say with the album as a whole.  It doesn't mean individual songs aren't great or there isn't any linking, it is just that the "concept" of this concept album escapes me.      

Anyway this was a pretty fun album to review and listen to.  I thank Jill at 7/10 for sending the streaming link my way.

For more info, you should go here and read the "About this Project" that link also contains a video of Brittelle and crew performing "Sheena Easton" and "Dunes of Vermillion" live.  Granted these are two of my least favorite tunes off the album still it is neat to see the multi-part instrumentation live, even if I question some of the fashion sense being presented...

Speaking of fashion I hesitate to present Brittelle's official video for "Dunes of Vermillion"...I think it is laughably bad, pretty much the worst.  That may be the toughest part of reviews, just judging the album for what it is, and not judging...ummm....this:

...because this...this is a horrific video, there is no way it is tongue in fact I don't want you to be singing in the desert unles you are wearing red spangly shit  and your name is Tom Keifer...

Hot Dam, Brittelle ripped off Cinderella!  Maybe it is just a homage...maybe not.

(Love how I managed to work Cinderella into this piece!)  One more for good luck:

Ok That's enough drama and pomp.

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