Friday, July 2, 2010

Glide Review - Wolf Parade - Expo 86

New Glide Review Posted today.

It is of Wolf Parade's Expo 86.

Read it Right C'HERE!!!!

This is a really solid Keyboard/Guitar focused album, I know the band has been popular and that Boeckner and Krug have had productive history's in the music realm, but all that I had known from them prior to this album were a few of their singles.

"You Are a Runner and I Am My Father's Son" which I liked back in '05 but had forgotten about until a friend reminded me (Thanks Lopez)  and "Shine A Light" which I was never too crazy about, maybe because I always wanted to hear the Stones when I heard the title.

Every Blog should have a Big Tongue on it...especially one that sounds this facking good!

Anyway, back to Wolf Parade, Expo 86 is an electric album that hits a lot of the right notes with it's pulse and drive...while I do think songs could have been shrunk a bit (that feels odd to type as I love my long jams) there is a lot of goodness to sift through and vocally the group is engaging.  A def early 80's new wave flair to the singing which usually turns me off, but this time they are not overwhelming in a Max Headroom sort of way.

I seemed to have missed the last album entirely and now i want to go back and check out At Mount Zoomer, maybe I will do so over this long weekend...they are also playing Terminal 5 on the 13th...hmmm.

Here are a few vid's,
"Cloud Shadow on a Mountain" Live:

A Fan Video of  "What Did My Lover Say? (It Always Had To Go This Way)" idea what the vid means by the way:

I think my favorite song has been this one, "Little Golden Age",

but as I mentioned all are solid, so buy the vinyl and pick your own.

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