Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dinosaur Jr. Free Download! Bug Live DVD out next week

The thunderous noise rock trio Dinosaur Jr. hasn't announced any more live shows yet this year, but the band is going to be releasing their new Live DVD captured last year on their Bug tour.

The Beastie Boys did something like this a few years ago with their concert film Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That! RtBE was actually at the one day premier of this film in Union Sq when the Beasties themselves came out and answered some questions, which was pretty cool.  The film itself however was straight up weaksauce.   Things were very amateur and scattered which is part of the reasoning going into this, but I haven't watched it since that day in the theater because of these flaws.  Quite honestly the filming itself from some of the 50 camera people could have been fine, but the spastic editing ruined a decent concept, take a peak:

Back to Dino though, filming in a the small 9:30 Club in DC will probably lend itself to less running around by the crew; lets be honest the rock trio move a hell of a lot less then the Beasties do.  I am sure the band won't let out anything with crappy sound, so as long as levels are OK (which could be tricky with feed back) I am willing to give it a shot.  It comes out next week, and you can pre-order the DVD with some nifty posters, T-shirts and other gear here

Also as an added bonus here is a Free MP3 Download of the classic "No Bones" from the DVD in advance, just slap in your email address to receive the link...pretty nifty huh?    


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