Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Album Review - Gary Clark Jr. - The Bright Lights EP

Gary Clark Jr.
The Bright Lights EP
**** out of *****

A Austin, Texas staple who has been garnering rave reviews for his live shows and blues-tastic playing Gary Clark Jr. is primed to explode onto the national and world scene in 2012.  This 4 song EP showcases what Clark specializes in, straight up roadhouse blues.  Ep's need to be special to receive 4 stars out of 5, but each song contained here is a joy and worthy of 1 star on it's own.  The title track and most complete effort tackles New York City's "Bright Lights" and how they can change a person come sun up.  A fantastic lyrical tale over full on strutting guitar that chugs and dirties up the groove every way it can.  Popping drums propel everything forward hooking the listener in the first time through; you will know Gary Clark's name by the end of the song.          

"Don't Owe You A Thang" revs up the boogie-woogie with it's hip shake rhythm and whiskey soaked fretboard fuzz blues solo's.  The final two tracks are just Clark live in a solo setting on acoustic guitar showing off an in the moment flair that is intoxicating.  "Things Are Changin'" displays Clark's rich voice and is a demonstration that he could be mainstream friendly instantly.  EP closer "When My Train Pulls In" shows off the 6-string majesty that has people comparing him to Hendrix.  The run up closing fireworks mimic the title train pulling into the desired station in exhilarating fashion.  The only negative with The Bright Lights EP is that there isn't more goodness to sink your ears into.      
RtBE has to give props to our friend Pat who turned us onto Gary Clark Jr.  Wow, he is a force and one we hope to catch live in 2012.  Firing on all cylinders Clark can't be stopped on this EP; music lovers from all walks of life will probably find something to enjoy in this 4 song quick shot and that is impressive by itself.  You can grab the album here and for under 4 dollars you may not find a better deal all year.  Below are a few video previews of the talent:

"Bright Lights"

"Please Come Home"

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