Friday, February 10, 2012

Primus on the BoobTube

Thanks to Glen for the heads up that Primus played on Jimmy Fallon's (who should be drawn and quartered) version of a late night television program.  They did a tune on air and one off for the web exclusive, so we will present both here.

On air the trio played "Lee Van Cliff" off of Green Naugahyde.

RtBE hasn't reviewed that album or the show that we saw on that tour, because when you have nothing nice to say about your ideals, I think it is best to say nothing.  It isn't that the album is bad, it just feels much more like a Claypool solo disk then a Primus album; when you have the ability to release an album under different aliases and you choose your most revered the album better be statement.  This one wasn't.  The song itself seems to be a retread of Purple Onion's weaker tracks or Of Whales and Woe's stronger ones, not a Primus song.

On the web exclusive they dig out their most popular tune, "Jerry Was A Race Car Driver", but the energy isn't there which can be expected in the late night setting:

All that said we still love the band, missed them these two nights in NYC on their benefit tour, but caught some other amazing music that will be reviewed up here soon...Until then have a great weekend.

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