Tuesday, February 7, 2012

NYPL Blog Post - I Love Rock & Roll Part 1: The Hold Steady

Hey all, Part 1 of a series titled I Love Rock & Roll is up now over on NYPL's Blogs.  It is a look at The Hold Steady for those uninitiated.


I love it when the day job and the hobbies combine, after having lunch with a fellow coworker and realizing that she was doing an I Love Reading group of blog posts over on NYPL I decided to finally get together this idea I have had simmering for a while and contribute to the site.  

I hate it when friends or just random people mention there are no good rock and roll bands these days.  I am not talking hipster style "this band is so cool no one knows them with their synth's and quaffed hair", I am talking gut check, straight ahead rock and roll.  These bands I showcase on NYPL blogs will not surprise any readers of this site, but I just wanted to reach a wider audience with some great acts that are worthy of attention, so give them a click and voice your opinion.  

NYC's own Hold Steady are a good start as they are a RtBE all time favorite, and there is no need to go itno much more on that.  Lets hoist up some cold ones and listen to some tunes now huh?

Get Hammered!  "Constructive Summer"

Bet on Horses with crazy lovers "Chips Ahoy"

And show them "How A Resurrection Really Feels"


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