Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Neil Young & Crazy Horse New Jam...Wow

Few things get my goat or make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up the way a Neil Young & Crazy Horse jam does.  Jesus-Christo this bunch of hooligans have their finger on the trigger of simplistic rock and roll graciousness.  The alive vibe and aching sound is done like no other; it is basic yet complex as life itself....
So when the masters get together and put forth a jam at almost 40 minutes for us to savor it is a blessing, hit this link now and listen to the goodness. Around 13 minutes when you feel it dipping, you can sense the band re-grouping, this is interplay at its finest. The at 18 minutes is does cut off and we get a whole new sun-rise sounding take that dips into old school territory, "Cortez" anyone? 

Seems a few studio albums are in the works, and if their is anything holy left in the world a live tour will follow...that is if Uncle Neil isn't too busy developing a new ipod.  Good on him for that too.
Oh Sweet Holy Noise....

Sidenote: could you imagine being at this show, one of Neil's best with 1970 Electric Miles Davis opening?  Holy F'ing Shit! 

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