Thursday, November 1, 2012

Album Review- Japandroids-Celebration Rock

Celebration Rock
****and1/2 out of *****

The award for the most aptly named album of the year has to go to Japandroids for their second release Celebration Rock.  Starting off with literal fireworks the album doesn't let down the energy until it's 8 songs are completed as the Canadian duo fire off drum fills and guitar riffs with beautiful frantic energy.     

The party rock of "The Night of Wine and Roses" is infectious, you can't help but singing along to debauchery filled lyrics and "Yell Like Hell To The Heavens!".  The tour love song of "Fire Highway" shows hearts colliding and gypsy fears running amuck; apparently the band was getting anxious to get back on the road when they wrote this album and this song encompasses that burning desire.

"Evil's Sway" bites a Tom Petty "Ok! All Right!" call out from "American Girl" but the band sneaks past this with a tune about slinky night time activities that is infectious.  The bombastic "Adrenaline Nightshift" is the best out and out  jam the band has put on an album filled with them.  The song contains both the passion and teenage rebelliousness that makes rock and roll constantly invigorating to anyone with a pulse.  The rising climax of "Continuous Thunder" that closes things is so powerful you may just start the whole road-trip over again when it is done.    
Celebration Rock isn't perfect, the cover of Gun Club's "For The Love of Ivy" is slightly lacking and the whole album is fairly one note, but these are small complaints when that one note is so fucking exhilarating.  Perfectly titled, expertly played, feel free to thank the Japandroids for a hell of a ride.  
We dug the bands first album, but didn't know if it would stick around...honestly except for "Young Hearts Spark Fire" it didn't, Celebration Rock proves Japandroids are for real.  The band has energy for days and have produced some of the best party rock out there.  Support the band here, buy the album here, and peep some song previews below:
"The Night of Wine and Roses"

"Adrenaline Nightshift" Live

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