Thursday, November 15, 2012

Album Review: Yuppicide-American Oblivion EP

American Oblivion EP
*** out of *****

Has it really been since 1995 that the NYHC/punk legends Yuppicide has put out new material?!?  Well time flies and so does American Oblivion as it's 6 songs speed past you in under 13 minutes.  This EP (and their anthology from a few years ago) just points out that the band never reached the large audience it deserved as they throw down aggression and power as if it was second nature. 

Quick and too the point the band focuses on American fears post 9-11 with the title track and overall feeling.  "Too Late" is pure punk with it's straight ahead drive and power while "Flies On..." dissects our smothering fascination with celebrity.   

The opening and closing tracks "Dead Inside" and "Not With You" are both top of the line, no-frills punk rock.  With the popularity bands like Off! have received over the last few years Yuppicide looks to toss its name back in the ring as a punk rock heavyweight.  
We have been fans of Yuppicide since we first heard "Fist Full of Credit Cards" (below) back in the mid 90's. It is exciting the RtBE's good friend Glen Lorieo was the producer of this EP and we have been meaning to review it for some time now.  There is a great interview with the band here, buy the disk here and peep a few videos below:
"Too Late", "Dead Inside", and "Follow The Leader" Live 9-30-12

"American Oblivion/True Love" Live Tompkins Sq 8-5-12

"Fist Full of Credit Cards"  

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