Monday, November 5, 2012

Dylan Cover #60 Pat Guadango & Tired Horses "Hurricane"

In this ongoing Monday Series we will be exploring various artists versions of Bob Dylan song's. Today's tune is a live cover by Pat Guadagno & Tired Horses playing "Hurricane"
Thoughts on Dylan Original:
We already covered this a few months back when we discussed Ani Difranco's cover version, so lets take a minute to talk Hurricane Sandy.  We were out in Cali last weekend for Jen and Ed's fantastic wedding and we couldn't make it all the way back east to NYC as Sandy forced us to explore Denver for a week (great city BTW).  We had to watch the damage from afar, but it was for the best as our apartment was without heat, hot water or power for 5 days.  In all honesty that is nothing but an inconvenience; we really feel for Jersey, Staten Island, Long Island and all of the places truly wrecked by Sandy.  It is never easy but we know since it effected the NYC area things will be fixed as quickly as possible, that's just how we do. 
Already politics seem to be out the window and the devastation is being handled fairly well all things considered, even though it can be hard as we have friends, loved ones and co-workers displaced from their homes still. In the grand scheme of things being without power, heat or gas for a few days isn't the end of the world and we should treat it as such, even though it can be hard to at the time, things could always be worse.  Just reinforces our overriding belief that Warren Zevon so elegantly stated: "Enjoy Every Sandwich".

Thoughts on Cover Artist
I had not heard of Pat Guadagno before but after some research I found out he has had a nice career as a touring cover musician.  Here he is playing with the Tired Horses band at a Bob Fest.  More importantly Pat is from Jersey, Matawan specifically and I know that there is major damage in that area.  Here is hoping Pat, his family, friends, band and fans are all doing OK today.     
Thoughts on Cover
My thoughts on the cover seem secondary at this point, but I will say that is a direct, straight ahead reworking of the song in a live setting.  A fantastic live cover that any Dylan fan in attendance would be excited to hear and I am sure Pat and crew can not wait to play live again.
Grade B
If you would like to donate to help out Hurricane Sandy Victims please do so here.

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