Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Album Review- Star & Micey -I Can't Wait EP

Star & Micey
I Can't Wait EP
** out of *****

The Tennessee folk pop trio has put out a brief 4 song EP of their sweet sounding tunes titled I Can't Wait.  That also happens to be the title of the strongest song in this batch of tracks.  "I Can't Stop" closes the EP with a fully constructed pop-rock gem, with a trotting guitar line and confident vocals the group marches into a full steam send up incorporating sweet backing vocals that ooh and ahh. 

Reminiscent of The Avett Brothers or Fleet Foxes the band keeps things incredibly simple and short.  "No Pets Allowed" is poetic with a light snare and mellow guitar which works while "Soul Stormin'" has distinct commercial appeal that feels very middle of the road.  The only other track on the EP is the under 2 minute disco infused "Love" which is out of place behind its falsetto vocals and violin strums.   

Vocally the disk is very appealing, but these songs can deteriorate into mere sketches at times, as an EP though it does draw interest to see what the band can produce over a full length release.     
You can support Star & Micey here, buy the EP here and check out a sample of their sound below:

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