Thursday, November 21, 2013

Album Review: Summoner -Atlantian

*** out of *****
The stoner rock rumbles along with Summoner's newest release, the 8 song Atlantian. Beefy riffs rumble and slam into crisp cymbals and snares as the band takes it's time spreading out over the metal. The band stays away from slamming going more for an atmospheric rout with their metal, the group is heavy without being messy.

The duel guitars of AJ Peters and Joe Richner are at the forefront with tracks like "The Prophecy" and the title track. "Horns of War" is a disk highlight with its multiple parts but it never feels pieced together, rather flowing and stomping. Vocally it is impossible to not equate Black Sabbath era Ozzy (with less range) to the bands frontman and bassist Chris Johnson. That late 70's sound seeps into the mammoth "Under The Crystalline Sky" then the band reaches back to the trippy 60's with the mystical instrumental "Changing Tides". "Into The Abyss" puts the thudding hammer down as the drums slam via Scott Smith as the band rumbles. 

The 4 piece from Boston are firmly implanted in that stoner metal crop of rockers and have put fourth a grantie solid collection of tunes any fan of the genre can get behind. The style is also welcoming allowing for newcomers to the genre to start head banging alongside long time fans. 
I love Bandcamp. Can find so many artists on there. We just stumbled across Summoner, stopped because of their artwork and dug their sound so figured we would review it.

Go here to stream the album or buy it. More from the artist here. Peep some video below:

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