Monday, November 25, 2013

Dylan Cover #114 Lady Lamb the Beekeeper "All I Really Want To Do"

Continuing our Monday's Dylan Cover Series.  This cover is by Lady Lamb the Beekeeper and it is of  "All I Really Want To Do". 

Thoughts on Original:
(From the first time we talked about a cover version of this song)
This song made Dylan leaving the "cause" and "topical songs" behind easier for his hardcore fans to swallow, because really, how can anyone dislike this song?  Simple, playful, loving, sly..."All I Really Want To Do Has it All". Oh and he left nothing behind, in fact he opened up a world of music for the world to experience, be inspired from, and enjoy, long after he is gone.

Thoughts On Cover Artist:
This is the first we have heard of Lady Lamb the Beekeeper, but we like her voice, can find more information out here. Seems she is a NYC based singer/songwriter making it pretty big so far. Best of luck Aly Spaltro.
Thoughts On Cover:
Stated and obvious this cover has more to do with the Sonny & Cher cover version or The Byrds version of this song but the track works well, Miss Spaltro has a host of help on this track and the Spector-y wall of sound vibe works real nice and is produced wonderfully. Her husky voice adds bottom to the track and overall it is a pleasant listen this Monday AM.
Grade: B    

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