Monday, November 4, 2013

Third Man Co-Releasing Paramount Records in a Damn Cool Way Also Speaking @ NYPL

Our man crush on Jack White is known in these parts (Cue Handmaiden from Game Of Thrones: "It Is Known!") and the love keeps going as he digs through the past unearthing songs, collections and just plain cool stuff to unleash on the world (for a price of course). When this 800 Song Archival release was announced it seemed pretty bold. Now Jackie boy chatted with David Fricke and opened up more about the project.
That is pretty bad ass.

I particularly love one of Jack's answers and David's Response:
You have so many pieces of America involved in this one thing: a company that's going out of business, looking to stay afloat, so they decide to go into the record business.
Basically the reverse of what's happening in the record industry now.

This is pretty spot on, I have been thinking a lot of the music industry the last few months, and am currently reading David Byrne's amazing book (thanks Tom). I hope to go into it in much greater depth (hopefully by the end of the year) but until then listen to some old timey tunes:
Charlie Jackson "Cat's Got The Measles"

Ida Cox "Mama Doo She Blues"

In an added twist which we just found out about this AM White will be speaking on this Paramount release in a few weeks here at NYPL. To say we are more then a little pumped to see him, Greil Marcus and others wax poetic on this topic would be an understatement.

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