Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Stuffing You Full of Gospel for Thanksgiving

Going along with our Paramount review from yesterday we are continuing on the reissue path with this Holiday treat from NPR.
You can stream the full 4 CD's (!!!!) of the newly released I Heard The Angels Sing, from Nashboro. From the product description:
a vital part of the fabric of American music, can finally be heard. Begun by Ernie Young in Nashville, TN, at the height of gospel's "golden age," Nashboro was arguably the greatest, most prolific and longest-living gospel record label. Initial recordings were made on site, overseen by Young himself. Those early Nashboro sides have all the excitement, energy and drive of far better-known indies from the 1950s such as Chess and Sun (indeed, Nashboro was parent to the infamous, blues-busting label Excello).
The songs are all brief, getting to the point, Young's patented sound, then fade out, I am sure the live versions went on and on. Some stand out tracks (all though we are still sifting through them all) are the passionate "Trouble of This World's Condition" by The Chosen Gospel Singers, the mixed gender vocals of "Give Me Some Flowers" by Sullivan Pugh, the groovy "I'm Battling" by The Sensational Pioneers and the swinging Trumpets of Joy doing "I Need The Lord To Guide Me".   

Ethel Davenport's tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is stirring as well, opening the final disk I just wish it went on longer when it hit its "spiritual phase". This is a piece of history that focuses on amazing voices and soulful singing, Americana in the tubes.

You can purchase the collection here and peep a few youtube clips from tracks featured on the disks below:

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