Thursday, January 22, 2015

2015 Means a Song a Week from They Might Be Giants

In Steven Hyden's article on Grantland about They Might Be Giants we learned two things. One, there is actually a 33 1/3 book on Flood which we need to read and two, the title of this post.
Like Hyden, we found TMBG in our junior high school days and they stayed with us until they started playing with a full band on John Henry, then we checked out. We couldn't get into the sound of all the players as the early TMBG albums were so quirky and weird the full band, to these ears, hurt that uniqueness. One of our inspirations Robert Christgau may have said it best when he reviewed the duo's first album:
Two catchy weirdos, eighteen songs, and the hits just keep on coming in an exuberantly annoying show of creative superabundance.
If we went back now we would probably love John Henry but there is no questioning we love the first 4 albums from the band and could probably sing every single song verbatim from them....well sing them poorly at least.

We reviewed The Else for Glide in 07 and were honored to review the band (the stars would be 7 on the current scale) and are very happy they are still making music...a lot of music. This year the group will release 52 songs, one a week, through their Dial-A-Song program which you can check out here.

Below you can check out a few of the tunes already released, and both are really solid, and sound better then the more recent "official" releases from the band. We will be keeping an eye out for more:

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