Sunday, January 11, 2015

2015 NOLA Jazzfest Acts: Announced Tomorrow, Predicted Today

Tomorrow the lineup for the 2015 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival will be announced but we got the scoop...
Actually, no we don't but since it is fun to predict, lets look into the crystal ball and guess who will be and who should be playing. We will exclude local acts (even though they are the main reason we go) lets just talk about national touring acts for now....

 Will Be:

The Black Keys

Since they have already been announced for every festival we have seen, it wouldn't surprise us in the least to see the fellows make yet another headlining at the country's best fest. Having run into both Dan and Patrick separately after their last headlining appearance, maybe this time well will have more then a drunken conversation with each.


While we could care less being announced at both Governors Ball and Coachella seems to make a lot of sense. I am guessing he is probably releasing an album around then as well, so that would allow us to sneak away to early dinner reservations on that day...

Jurassic 5

Like the BK's they seem to be playing all the fests this year.

Widespread Panic

Will probably play the Thursday of the second weekend, because it seems like they always do.

Benjamin Booker

This is going to be his coming out party, Like Gary Clark Jr. had here a few years ago. BB in 2015 was made for headlining the blues tent.

The Doobie Brothers

They are touring and Jazzfest loves them some name headliners...then again are Doobies still even headliners...if not... I will add as a guess:

Billy Joel

He last played in '13 so it may be too soon, but NOLA loves getting a Northeast big name to draw the crowds.

Now lets have some fun...Acts who SHOULD be playing:

Jack White

Because we love him and he is playing Coachella, this one should really be in the above category...c'mon NOLA. Just listen to that "Ball and a Biscuit"?!?!  

If we are going to pick our favorite album from last year with Jackie, why not the fellas from Austin. We fell in love with them when we saw them way back when at JF so lets do it again. 

Run The Jewels

Because they are killer....and we would love to see them live. 

Jerry Lee Lewis

Let the Killer get a guest filled slot then just let him roll.

Neil Young and Crazy Horse

No 92 piece orchestra's....we want The Horse!

Dr Dog

Granted we are seeing them Friday, but how cool would it be to see them in NOLA? To the best of our knowledge they haven't played the fest yet.

Because his name is Prince...and he is funky. 

Tomorrow is the real deal so stay tuned....

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