Thursday, January 15, 2015

Album Review: Lucky Chops- Lucky Chops EP

Lucky Chops Brass Band
Lucky Chops
***and1/2 out of *****
The Brooklyn NY based brass blowers known as the Lucky Chops, offer up their similarly titled EP showing off their interlocking bad ass playing. "Buyo" begins the EP on a mellower tip though as the band works up their lungs over some crisp progressions. 

"Hymn" messes with the time arraignments and feelings of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" moving it from a shuffle to a funky get down to stand and salute pageant in a few measures. The percussion shines on this one as the tempo flies around with wild abandon.

The drums kick off the ode to the brassiest town out there with "Bourbon Street", their take on the Crescent City staple. This version of the track gets sultry and celebratory about 3 minutes in showing what Lucky Chops do best; take tradition and funk it up in their style.  

The Latin beats clog the dance floor for "Dance Of The Tiger" which will have couples grinding while "Going Home" will put a damper on the evening with marches towards the exits. The closing cover of the classic "Lean On Me" highlights the trumpets as the group keeps things creatively casual to end things.

While perhaps not as instantly infectious as their previous release the band still gets funky and fresh with their horns, if a bit more soulful/melancholy on Lucky Chops. Maybe it has to do with dropping that brass weight off their name, any which way, fans of funky stuff should give them a whirl. 
After a bit of a rock break with Glide Magazine reviews we get back to the brass. We excitedly reviewed Lucky Chops previous EP last Jazz January, and are pumped they are here yet again with another offering. We dig these fellows and will have much more from them before the month is out so stay tuned, until then...

Support the band here, buy/stream the album here  or below and watch some kick ass video of them:

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