Thursday, January 8, 2015

Album Review: Rebirth Brass Band- Move Your Body

Rebirth Brass Band
Move Your Body
**and1/2 out of *****
The New Orleans legends Rebirth Brass Band are coming off of a career highlight as the band won a Grammy for their 2012 release Rebirth of New Orleans. Their follow up continues the groups high energy formula but has a bit of a come down feel to it at points.

The band is custom made for the live stage and with the disk opening "Rebirth Makes You Dance" they have their obvious set opener for a few tours to come, but on record things don't crackle with energy from the start. That seeps over to the title track as well, "Move Your Body" lacks some energy feeling sluggish in parts.

Things get better from there though as a brass blasting interpretation of "Your Mama Don't Dance" complete with shout out "Hey" section pumps up the jams and puts things back on track after a shaky start. The band moves in a slightly Latin groove direction with "Take'em To The Moon" and continue it with "Rebirth Groove" which successful incorporates vocals that are custom made for singalongs on sunny fairgrounds.     

"On My Way" slows things down from the party atmosphere to let the trumpet shine as a soloist. The rhythmic drums are showcased as the Latin flair returns for "Who's Rockin', Who's Rollin?" and continues again into "HBNS" which plays the same but incorporates vocals again. The big party marcher "What Are We Gonna Do?/Banner Men" closes things out with another return to the "Hey" riff/trick.

While not a bad brass disk, there is a sense of repetition and dilution to Move Your Body. Having heard a lot of these songs live there is first hand knowledge that they translate well to the marches and stages they were meant for but on record the the songs could use some extra juice.   
We caught the band in NOLA last year and had high hopes for this release, surprisingly it let us down a bit, not bad but not earth shattering or all that important to hear.

Support the band here, buy the album here, most importantly catch them live here, peep some video below:

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