Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Album Review: The Cactus Quartet- Cactus Quartet

The Cactus Quartet
Cactus Quartet
*** out of *****

The four piece jazz ensemble known as The Cactus Quartet have put out a warm rolling EP with this self titled offering. Part of the Berlin music scene the group consists of  Achilleas Sourlas (Alto Sax) Anthony Plekhov (Hammond) Panos Giotis (Guitar) Jürgen Meyer (Drums). 

ALl the tracks run long letting the group flex their chops over patient numbers. The opening "Ψolarity" dribbles out with ease over drums and guitar as the hammond and sax pop in and push the pace gently as the long tunes progresses. "Yang Ying" bubbles with a sly clipped vibe that like it's title sounds as if it could have been recorded in reverse.

While "Salzburg" is pretty far from Berlin this funky cut fits the groups lighthearted groove expertly. "Façir" sails a bit close to after-dinner jazz but stays engaging while "Mandarina" floats in the those same mellow waters but ends up to tepid and dull.

EP closer "BWB" lets the Hammond shine as the band takes its smoothness to the edge with some interesting cuts and grooves. The Cactus Quartet never hurry but sure show some interesting takes on cool funky jazz during their first studio recording.     
Another great bandcamp find for Jazzy January.

Go hear to purchase the album and stream it below:

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