Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Album Review: The Lucky Chops Brass Band- Lucky Chops Vol 1

The Lucky Chops Brass Band
Lucky Chops Vol 1
***1/2 out of *****
Brass Bands are one of the most consistently exciting live acts one can see but tend to become a bit dull when entering the studio, thank god The Lucky Chops Brass Band is here to kick things up with Lucky Chops Vol 1 if only for about 15 joyous minutes. The 5 Piece NYC based brass blowers mix up a range of styles to create an output that has traditional roots yet sounds awfully god damn fresh in today's fleeting music market. 

The opening "Sk-Ba" covers The Skatalites track blowing with energy propagating a "get up and dance" swag. "Longa" takes its name from Eastern styled music and that is clearly the vibe going on here, great clashing rhythms and horn runs add a spice to the sound.

The traditional "Bourbon St. Parade" acknowledges the groups spiritual center but creatively jams out over funky drum beats and sousaphone toots before solos start jamming up to a full out rave, ending things gloriously. This kind of improv/traditional combo keeps Lucky Chops sounding vital.

They give that same flash and substance to "This Little Light Of Mine" closing the all too short EP with a flourish fading out just when the dancing seems to be getting started.With a formula this rich we can only hope Vol 2 is on its way soon as more of this brassy goodness is needed.
We had the privilege of seeing this band up close and personal at a wedding we attended and were amazed. They had it all and this EP proves it, if only a sampler of their styles it is still a great edition to Jazzy January here at RtBE.

Buy it/Stream here, support the band here, peep some video below and def catch them live when you can.

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