Monday, January 27, 2014

Covering 80's Dylan For Charity

When it comes to Dylan Covers it seems there can never be enough. We are excited to hear an under appreciated part of his career will finally get some love as artists partake in Bob Dylan In the 80's: Volume One.
One of the things that annoys me greatly about people discussing Bob is how they always seem to tail off somewhere in the mid 70's. I think his Gospel period, 80's and 90's+ resurgence need to get more love and will going forward; this is a nice first step. That said there is a reason Dylan wasn't that successful in the 80's, songs weren't up to snuff.

This collection does contain lots of artists we like and it calls to mind our favorite show from last year. You can check out Built To Spill playing "Jokerman" and download it for free.

We like BtS and love "Jokerman" this is a great combo, granted things aren't all that wildly divergent from the original, I was kinda hoping for 16 minute triple guitar attack in their somewhere, but I will take it.  

With RtBE favorite Craig Finn from The Hold Steady also contributing "Sweetheart Like You" and other cool artists like Elvis Perkins, Deer Tick and Ivan and Alyosha digging deep into the catalog we are excited to grab this one and give it a listen. Also proceeds from the sale help the Pencils of Promise Charity.  

Until this all we had was Shitty Dylan covering the 80's glad that there is more exploration of this period.

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