Tuesday, January 28, 2014

NYCtaper Update for 2014

It is always good to check in on our friends over at nyctaper and see what shows they got in their sites and microphones.
For those who don't know here is a quick summation of the crew: They go around NYC getting amazing live recordings of acts, big and small and share them for free.

They posted their early 2014 list of shows that they are looking to tape and a few jump out at us. Some RtBE fav's like Yuck and North Mississippi All-Stars will be getting some love from the site as well as a bunch of bands we haven't heard but will hopefully have time to check out.

Obviously another standout on that schedule is the SXSW entry. That lends loads of options for future live recordings and I am excited to see what the boys bring back.

Looking back on last year, you should also check out their top ten shows from 2013. They seem to like bands doing other peoples music, which is interesting, but hey, so do we. The show of theirs we went back to the most was #10 on their list, Joe Russo's Almost Dead which we found as a very cool interruption of the Grateful Dead's Catalog.

Again these are all free, and while it is not as cool as being there you can stream/download the show and get a sense of the most important aspect of concerts, the music.Keep up the great work fellas.

Here is some video from the Russo Almost Dead Show to get a sense.

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