Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Album Review: aivi & surasshu- The Black Box

aivi & surasshu
The Black Box
**and1/2 out of *****
It is a fun description on the groups bandcamp page that states: "Aivi is a human pianist. Surasshu is a chiptune robot. These are their musical adventures together!" Truth in advertising.

All instrumentals this combination of classical piano with digital lo-fi sounding bleeps and accoutrements makes for some fun times, like getting sucked back in with the dust to your original Nintendo Entertainment System. One can just see 8 bit characters getting down to the sounds.

Piano builds open things on the climbing "Nucleus" while Yoshihito Yano gets the cover treatment with aivi's take on his "Lonely Rolling Star (Missing You)" from the Katamari Damancy video game. Zelda: Link's Awakening also gets some love with a cover of "Mabe Village". Tracks like "Diamond Dove" however prove aivi belongs in the big leagues of video game soundtrack production with the rollicking rolls of piano and dusty digital fills.

Overall things do get repetitive towards the end and a track like "Here's How!" doesn't work with it's barroom funky stance on things but on the flip-side "Pocket Universe" addresses the world with wide eyed wonder. The album also comes equipped with a 20 page comic and as visuals are obviously part of the overall experience things combine nicely. The Black Box strikes as creative, experimental, and outside the "norm", taking qualities and talents of past jazz greats and putting them in today digital universe.  
Another new twist on the Jazz genre for Jazzy January. A cool listen, while we won't pretend we are experts on this genre things like this make us love finding new artists.

Support the artist here, grab the album here peep some video below:


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