Tuesday, January 28, 2014

RIP Pete Seeger

We never like wishing artists farewell into the great unknown, but when your life was lived as richly as Pete Seeger a celebration or in Pete's case a singalong is more appropriate:

We fell in love with Pete when we saw the amazing American Masters on him called The Power of Song. A gorgeous documentary on an American treasure. The man stood up for his beliefs, the primal one being singing songs could make the world a better place. He was folk. He was the living and breathing past present and future still playing recently.  A voice of America.

I am sure other places will do him greater justice, but on a personal note, another passed American hero of ours George Carlin has amazing bit on Religion, you can watch it here:
His part at the end about worshiping the Sun and praying to Joe Pesci is classic and the first time I saw it I said I would take out Joe Pesci and put in Pete Seeger. Substitute a Banjo for a bat, but Seeger got shit done and smiled the whole time.

RIP Mr. Seeger:

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