Thursday, January 16, 2014

Free Dr. Dog/Saint Rich Split EP -Casual Freefall

In a pretty cool promo move for their upcoming tour, Saint Rich and RtBE Favorite Dr. Dog are releasing a split EP were the bands cover each others songs and play one of their own. The EP is called Casual Freefall
We just got the good word that this will be on Noisetrade, so instead of reviewing it and keeping it for ourselves we figured we would just immediately spread the love. 

As they have done in the past Dr. Dog nail a fellow contemporaries cover with their take on Saint Rich's "Dreams" and Saint Rich returns the favor with Dr. Dog's recent release "Rock and Roll". Check it out for yourself:

Download the album for free right here. Or right up there. Be sure to support both Saint Rich and Dr Dog, you can catch them live together in the upcoming months. Here is a quick video of Dr Dog from Noisetrade's Eastside Manor Sessions, we can't wait to catch this tour next Saturday at Terminal 5:

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