Tuesday, January 21, 2014

NYC Music Logo Backstory's

Big ups to our friend Glen for sending this article over to us. Props need to be given to Sue Apfelbaum and Laura Forde for putting together this great piece titled 22 Iconic Music Logos Explained.

There is a focus on NYC with all of these logos making this a really nice collection of stories. The ladies did a bunch of research with good links to other stories and creators, The Revs Cost links brought me back to the early 90's as did the Groove Collective. Man haven't even thought about those guys in years...

Anyway the article is a great read, give it a shot. You can find more from Sue here and more from Laura here.

How about one more Groove Collective tune since it is Jazzy January, good to see they are still active, may have to catch them this year:

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