Monday, January 13, 2014

2014 Jazzfest Acts: Annnounced Tomorrow, Predicted Tonight

Well "predicted" may be a bit strong, no research is really going into this, perhaps wish list would be a more accurate title.  The 2014 New Orleans Jazzfest will announce it's roster of artists tomorrow, which is pretty exciting as it confirms spring is just around the corner. Like we did last year we will put together who we think will/is/should be playing the best festival in America.

This one is pretty much locked in right? Just hope it is the second weekend when we will be there. 

Arcade Fire:

Heard the rumors that AF will be headlining Jazzfest this year. RtBE's guess is that it will be on the Saturday Second weekend, which seems to always be the big indie band slot. I wouldn't mind catching their theatrical rock and roll live, but I may also catch an act on the second stage depending on the lineup...(which won't be announced til much closer too)

Band of Horses:

We fell in love for real's with BoH at Jazzfest 2010 so we always hope they make an appearance.

Arctic Monkeys:

I don't think this lads have ever played the fest and after the best album of their career it would be great to catch them down south.

The Hold Steady:

New album due pre-fest, new label, come on boys get down to Nola, would love to throw back a hi life with the crew in that town. 

Neil Young (electric):

There always has to be one old big name, he hasn't played the fest since 09...why not Uncle Neil and maybe you can throw the Horse in that pipe dream?
Really that's just a list of bands we love that are currently touring nationally. All the local bands are the real draw of the fest and acts that never leave the area, but we will give special love to one:

Rough Seven:

Gotta end with one of personal favorite NOLA acts. Here's hoping they get back on the bill...or better yet just throw down a late night get down!

We will end with, quite simply we don't care who plays.  We will love it and we will happily enjoy whoever is playing. The city has our heart, the people there are the greatest, the food/drink lives in our dreams all year and Jazzfest is the one trip we can't do without. See you, and hopefully some of those bands up there, in the racetrack and around the Quarter. 

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