Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Album Review: Sweet Spirit- Sweet Spirit EP

Sweet Spirit
Sweet Spirit EP
*** out of *****
The Austin, TX based pop/indie rock outfit Sweet Spirit kicks out a catchy collection of tracks on this release for Nine Mile Records. The projects front duo of Sabrina Ellis and Andrew Cashen's have crafted 4 songs that deal with love, longing and sex in very PG-13 rated terms and bubble gummy grooves. A clear sense of playfulness runs through these numbers and elevates the whole collection.  

The best track starts it off as "Let Me Be On Top" rocks and shakes with a vibrant feeling of energy passion and desire. A killer guitar line snakes through the tambourine shakes and Ellis' vocal yearning; energetic and direct in all the right places.

"I've Made Up My Mind" employs a more dramatic/story telling device that doesn't work as well in execution but the following "Baby Girl" is much more interesting. The track is a coy stealing your boyfriend number with lyrics that point out the other ladies before bluntly offering up the plan "Gotta make friends with the pretty girls/'Cause then, when their boyfriends get tired of them/They'll come to me". All this is played out around an upbeat ska-like track that worms its way into your ears and never leaves.

The acoustic "Outlaw" wraps things up as a nice little insane love ballad as Cashen and Ellis meld vocals effortlessly in a "Choo-Cha-Wah" break that is as silly as it is endearing.

A short EP (songs are all under three minutes except "Baby Doll" at three and a half) but one that stays with you via the catchiness of the players, singer, production and outfit as a whole. Sweet Spirit indeed.
Support the band here, buy/stream the album here  or below and peep some video below:

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