Thursday, April 16, 2015

Record Store Day Is This Saturday

So this weekend finds Record Store Day rolling around again and you can find a full listing of all the amazing offerings here. This is a great opportunity to support record stores and enhance your vinyl collection
There are a ton of special things on that list that we would love to own and hope you can help support this great cause as well. As for some of the things that caught our eyes, that Johnny Cash concert looks sweet as does the live Sly.

The Gov't Mule covers of the Rolling Stones would be a treat to hear as the band do love their covers and how could you pass up the Stooges live vinyl?

Well maybe some people can...but we would dig that freakout noiserock

We were disappointed with Jack White's announcement yesterday, but his offering via Third Man Records of Elvis first ever recording is pretty amazing. Below is a video of music archivist Alan Stoker with White at the Country Music Hall Of Fame where they are checking out and digitizing this piece of American history:

Neat stuff for music nerds, historian's and Elvis fans alike. Maybe Jack will cover this his first show back...

Until then get out for Record Store Day this Saturday and support great music vendors.

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  1. There is also going to be autographed copies from Garth Hudson of The Basement tapes on Vinyl