Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Jack White Drops The Dreaded H Word

Well he didn't actually say "Hiatus" but that is what it is looking like via this announcement
This cheap roving acoustic show is nice and all, but will impossible to get know for those of us with jobs and who actually pay to be in his vault project but I digress. He is a hard working man and deserves some time from the road to be with his kids. Also, knowing his work rate, I will set the over/under at 2 years to the day which he plays his last acoustic show as to when he announces another tour.

There will certainly be one off shows, guest appearances and tons of albums/odd releases, because the man can't sit musically still, but we will be disappointed if he keeps this promise and stays off the road for 2016, he could have probably won our Favorite Show Of The Year tag, 3 times running...

Here is some Jack White like to remember how amazing his newest few tours have been:

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