Thursday, April 23, 2015

Jazzfest Posters Through the Years

Thanks to my friend Allen, who forwarded this link regarding the full history of New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival Posters dating back to 1969. 
We love the fest and the posters are iconic but this trip back through the years to see how they evolved is pretty telling to just how massive this event has become. The 1969 Pencil drawing shows you the roots and this years 3d image proves just how far the art has progressed, not necessarily improved though.

Our personal favorites? 2007 Jerry Lee Lewis shall hang on our wall one day.

1991 has a cool vibe to it and we love the 1978 edition.
All of this fantastic art makes us more and more anxious for the festival...which starts tomorrow. Enjoy if you are there for those of us who can't make down yet, here are some tunes to get the party (mentally) started:

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