Thursday, October 1, 2015

Album Review: BOYTOY- Grackle

**** out of *****
The pop rock band with grittiness BOYTOY are a trio of players from Brooklyn, who expertly craft catchy ass tunes. Female guitarists Saara Untracht-Oakner and Glenn Van Dyke strum while Matthew Gregory drums on the bands first full length release titled Grackle.

The instant worm-into-your-ear goodness of opener "Postal" is pop punk gold as it drives home the bands vibe expertly; lo-fi pop punk with splashes of retro-rocking noise. The driving "Shape Up" is another stand out with its swagger, layers of guitar feedback and pumping drums. Male/female vocal dynamics are played with on "Pulp" and the perhaps Brooklyn lyrical looking "Building An Empire".

"Poison Breeder" amps up the grime but still manages to shuffle while "Owe Somebody" is a swaying dance floor filler. "Sailor Jerry" gets it's snarl and motor on recalling old Veruca Salt while "To The Line" looks even further back going for a 50's rock vibe; all the tunes are quick to the point and deliver the goods.

When the band moves away from their formula excellent results are still discovered as on "Wild One" which surprisingly cleans off all the distortion and highlights Van Dyke and Untract-Oakner's fantastic harmonies. Also a mid disk highlight "Your Girl" really shows off layers of spacey freak-out guitar work over marching drums, hinting at a tripped out side from the trio.

Grackle doesn't feel like any bands first full length it is a clear confident step for the Brooklyn trio.   
Support the band here, buy the album here (out 10/2), stream it here, and postal below:

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