Thursday, October 29, 2015

Album Review: Mommy Long Legs- Assholes EP

Mommy Long Legs
Assholes EP
**** out of *****
Some of the best punk rock we have heard this year comes from the Seattle, WA four piece Mommy Long Legs. These 4 tracks each stick under 3 minutes but manage to cram musical adventures with topical lyrics, a sense of urgency and pissed off vibe propel the EP along. Each song is bad ass in its pumping style perfect for multiple listens as Lilly Morlock, Corry Budden Melissa Kagerer and Leah Miller keep it constantly fresh and inventive while eschewing their self proclaimed Barf-core/fart-core/vomit garage style. 

Punk rock with a modern day twist (while certainly pro-female, it is truly just anti asshole) and a surf rock style that makes the angsty pop punk cook with energy. The modern day desires get shoved up the proverbial rectum in the opening title track as the guitars scratch and and groove around in frenetic fashion. The kicker comes in the final refrain of the chorus which states that nothing matters because "in the end we're all alone" adding gravitas to the track.

The diy lo-fi grime is all over "Haunted Housewives" as the fuzziness melts into the speakers and kicks up for a sing-a-long chorus. The band slams into the ridiculousness of "Cat Callers" in direct fashion, it doesn't get more to the point then "I'm not a cat/so please stop calling me" but what could be routine railing against gets amplified by an excellent outro guitar that slants an eastern vibe into the proceedings.    

The final track "Weird Girl" talks about the desire to be the oddball in a perfect punk slamming manor; a track all outcasts can gather around and a killer end to this all too short offering from a band that should be followed closely. 
Another really great bandcamp find and continues this great week for punk rock stuff on RtBE, Mommy Long Legs rule, that is all.

Support the band, buy the disk and stream the EP below:

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