Thursday, January 12, 2017

2017 Jazzfest Lineup, Predicted Today

Soon the lineup for the 2017 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival will be announced but we got the early scoop...

Actually no we don't...but since it is fun to predict, lets look into the crystal ball and guess who will be and who should be playing. We will exclude local acts (even though they are the main reason we go) including nationally touring NOLA acts like Dr. John, Galactic and Trombone Shorty who will all be there. Lets just talk about the bigger national touring artists for now....

To get in the southern festive NOLA mood, here is a great video done by Jeronimo Acero that my friend the fantastic Lu Brow sent north to warm me up during the winter.
Now on to the predictions....

For other 2017 festivals (like Governors Ball in particular) the headliners are incredibly weak to RtBE's eyes and ears. Let's try to make the best festival in America a bit stronger, here are some guesses to who will be playing. 

The TAB have already announced their Spring Tour dates but there is a noticeable gap both weekends of Jazzfest. Since they are playing a few other festivals I think it is a safe bet the human riff machine will bring his horn based jam band to the Big Easy. 

The Floridian by way of Los Angeles is hitting the road yet again and his tour dates have also been announced but there are a few dates both weekends that would work, and his band will be in the area. We will guess they will headline a night. 

The great guitarist is playing Vegas this month, has two dates in Australia in early April and we are banking he will be involved in the Jazzfest Announcement. 

She ended up on a lot of year end lists but didn't play a lot of big slots last year. JazzFest would be a perfect fit for her brand of country/Americana. 

We picked them for album of the year in 2016, and they are touring now, but nothing after March. Hoping to catch them at Fest, and hoping they play. 

Well if we picked the Truckers, why not a full on reunion? Well that might be a bit too lofty of a dream, but Isbell playing live would be a joy at the fairgrounds and his current tour dates lend themselves to that possibility. 

A new album coming out in March and I am not sure that Sir Paul has ever played the festival before. Makes an interesting combo and his tour dates are not announced. 

Need a big pop star here and with her album last year this could be a spot she pops up at. More of a shot in the dark though. It will probably be Lorde though as she seems to be playing a few festivals.

Now who should be playing....

Why not? He should play every year...but he is Europe these weeks so this one is a no go. 

We hope Jack breaks his touring hiatus with any band, but if we are shooting fro the sky, why not our favorites? 

Well we have actually heard Tom Waits perform "I Wish I Was In New Orleans" so one dream is fulfilled, but if we got to see him actually sing in the Big Easy? That would be mega. 

This one may come true, as they have a new album out this month, but we just don't see the Canadian duo traveling down that far south to a big crowd. They should play though...

On a sad note, every year we've done this we've ended our should section with Prince. Unfortunately that is no longer possible, so we won't mess around with that and curse another pop star. But how about a Prince Tribute set? That would be great, we will check back in when the announcements are made in the very near future. 

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