Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Album Review: Medline- Old Souls Carnival

Old Souls Carnival
*** out of *****
The newest release from the French-Chilean artist Medline (Orlando Diaz Corvalan) is titled Old Souls Carnival and the producer/player/mixer/masterer combines festive sounds with electronic beats and breaks for a full, immersive experience.

The opening title track is cinematic with sparse and swirling sounds while "Moon Crescent" inserts hip-hop breaks into the beats and flow. This song would work excellent with some rhyming over the flutes, drums and assorted sounds while "Wild Sour" falls directly into hip hop with vocals and rhymes from Stainless Steel.

The album moves in an angular, at times rambling style. Not always tight, the disk wanders into interesting nooks and crannies "Flying Dervishes" with its disjointed vibrations and horn breaks is a good summation of things. The spacey "Dreams and Nightmares" explores more of this terrain while "When Truth Blasts" is grounded and sludge filled.  

Medline moving towards hip-hop is clearly the way that he feels comfortable, however he never limits his sounds, allowing the tracks to develop a life of their own. Fans of adventurous music should give this Old Souls Carnival a ride.
Moving into the electronic side of our Jazzy Jan with this fun album. Support the artist, buy the album, stream it at bandcamp or below:

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