Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Album Review: Action Bronson - Blue Chips 7000

Action Bronson
Blue Chips 7000
*** out of *****

The second full length studio album from Action Bronson, Blue Chips 7000 is more of his good time rhymes and upbeat beats, while retaining that mix tape ease. Bronson seems very comfortable here, if anything perhaps too comfortable.

Bronson even named the album Blue Chips 7000 making this the third entry in his Blue Chips series and tying it directly to his mix tapes, then again this album is most solid release since Rare Chandeliers. It seems that laid back style works better for him than any grand artistic statement such as his underwhelming first studio album Mr. Wonderful, this is a return to the easy small touches.

“La Luna” uses on hold music to inspire Bronson into an easy flow that unfortunately ends before it really takes off and “Let Me Breathe” is a fun as hell take on trying to make a successful song/dance “Where basic bitches will dance to it”. There are a lot of stoned rhymes with corresponding braggadocios stanzas, “Chairman’s Intent” uses funk guitars scratching behind stressed out lyrics where Bronson “Needs some time to realign his chi”. His rhymes consistently bring a smile and seem effortless as he talks about everything from blowing trees in white range rovers to being mistaken for Sting or compared to Kevin Spacey on the smooth “9-24-7000” which features a guest spot from Rick Ross.

Production is strong throughout with beats matching Bronson’s energy/confident delivery. “Let It Rain” in particular is a solid number with a gorgeous funk groove that has touches of jazz saxophones and calypso rhythms while “My Right Lung” amps up the organ and hovers above interlude level with thunder crashes and a devoted rhyme scheme. Pop beats and ooh and ahhs color “The Choreographer” while a touch of toasting pops up with the reggae influenced “Hot Pepper” featuring Jah Tiger and Mayhem Lauren. A gorgeous guitar line buoys “Chop Chop Chop” while an old partner in crime Big Body Bes arrives to assist on two of the most banging tracks “TANK” and closer “Durag vs. Headband” but this is clearly Bronson’s baby.

That brings with it success and sense of been there done that. Bronson is clearly talented but nothing on Blue Chips 7000 stands out as truly must hear and when the disk is over it doesn’t stick to your ribs or ears. Fans will be happy that Bronson is back in his comfort zone, but Blue Chips 7000 never quite delivers on its top recruit status.
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