Wednesday, October 25, 2017

RIP Fats Domino

The world of rock and roll lost a true legend today as it is being report Fats Domino died earlier in his home state of Louisiana. He was 89.
If you want to read a full obituary check out NPR where we got that great pic above.

Some thoughts on his passing, much like when Chuck Berry died, there is little to be sad about from a distance as Fats has lived a long life and his amazing songs will never leave us. We listen to two of his albums often, Fats Domino Jukebox and his comeback Fats Is Back.

The list of hits are long, but if you grab those two albums you will never tire of his easy rolling sound that helped create rock and roll. While it is sad he is no longer with us there will be multiple tributes in the months to come (we are expecting a big one at Jazzfest this year) and hopefully a new generation will hear his wonderful voice and vibrant piano.

So raise a glass to the Fat man and enjoy his tunes today.

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