Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Album Review: Metz - Strange Peace

Strange Peace
***and 1/2 out of *****
Sometimes a producer and a band are perfectly matched (think Brian Eno and the Talking Heads) and currently there probably isn't a better matched band producer combo than Metz and Steve Albini who work together for the first time on the bands third release Strange Peace.

On Metz first two albums the Canadian noise-rock trio slammed home their style; raw riffs, clanging noise and cement mixing beats. Not much has changed here, but all of those characteristics are right in Albini's wheel house and as the saying goes if it ain't broke...

The group continues it's pummeling assault as "Cellophane" seems to open with chainsaw buzzing intensity all the time shouting out "How will I know?" aggressively over and over again while "Caterpillar" repeats headache inducing guitar runs before while. For the faint ears this can be tough to take, but for fans of the groups past records this is really more for the same good thing.

Rather than expanding their sound or switching up their style the group plows straight ahead with its eerie metal/noise leanings. "Lost In A Blank City" has horror film foreboding, the chaotic "Mr. Plague" cooks and the grooving "Drained Lake" flourishes with an almost upbeat punk rock dance-ability (If you can get down to clanging metallic strings).

The best evolution is that more melody has been inserted throughout and the album finishes strong as the screaming "Dig A Hole" works wonders during its brief run time and closer "Raw Materials" even has some (dare I say it) pretty passages, hinting at more melodic and experimental passages possibly in their future.

The group still stays arty and intriguing with numbers such as "Sink" but tracks like the angst fueled opener "Mess of Wires" is more where they roam free. The group has upped the industrial swagger but (we have mentioned this before) Nirvana  Bleach era is their largest influence. Now working with Albini adding In Utero to the resume works as well.

Metz know what they do best and keep on doing it with Strange Peace and the small progressions in style make it their most successful release so far.  
We have enjoyed both I and II and this is more successful noise rock for Metz with the two most interesting numbers closing out the album. We have given them all three and a half stars. Support the band, buy the album, stream it on bandcamp or below where you can also peep some video:


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