Thursday, October 5, 2017

Album Review: Fireburn - Don't Stop The Youth

Don't Stop The Youth
*** out of *****
Old school punk and hardcore is making a high profile comeback and now another group with players from various stalwart bands of metal, punk and hardcore are coming together. This go around it is Fireburn with their short new EP Don't Stop The Youth.

The California based four piece consists of Israel Joseph I (ex-Bad Brains), Nick Townsend (Deadbeat/Knife Fight), Todd Jones (Nails) and Todd Youth (Murphy's Law and a ton more). The group goes back to basic, once again looking towards the Bad Brains for inspiration, even ending the short EP with a reggae tune and a remix of that tune.

Starting at the beginning however the group thunders and screeches straight ahead with punk from 1981 as a bass about to fall off the fiberboard leads to the burning guitars and machine gun drums of "Suspect". The powerful opening statement sets the bar high for the group and a more mainstream punk tune flows out next as "Break It Down" (complete with fluid Youth guitar solo) is more melodic before the chaotic fury of "Let This Be".

The twist of reggae ("Jah Jah Children") and the remix ("Jah Dub")will earn the Bad Brain comparisons but they are present from the first note, it is good to see the band still inspiring so much earned devotion as they are clearly legends in the genre.

The short EP is a good first effort from the band and with these sort of coming-together's there could be many more excellent releases or this could be a one time thing. Any which way the ten minutes of music Fireburn delivers on Don't Stop The Youth is worth hearing if you are an old school punk rock/hardcore metal fan.
This is turning out to be a hell of good Fall season for heavy music on RtBE. Dead Cross, Bloodclot, Power Trip, all of these may show up on the year end list. Support the band check out their bandcamp and buy the EP, stream it below as well:

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