Thursday, July 12, 2018

James Hunter Playing NYC Tomorrow, Curates Playlist

Tomorrow night The James Hunter Six will play Lincoln Center as part of their swing series and to help hype the event the cultural institution asked Hunter himself to curate a playlist of the the music as he states "What I Growed Up Listenin' To."

The full list can be found here with explanations for each of his choices. It is a very eclectic list ranging from soul (obviously) to punk rock (not so obvious).

Earlier this year I reviewed Hunters most recent album for Glide and really enjoyed it, so some of these choices make some sense in retrospect. Below are a few of the songs which he selected that RtBE also really loves.

Tickets are also still available for the show tomorrow night if you want to see the artists and his great backing band in person. More dates are here if you not in NYC tomorrow. 

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