Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Bob Dylan to Open Renovated Philly Met on 12/3

One of RtBE's patron saints, Bob Dylan will be opening the renovated and rejuvenated Philly Met on December 3rd.

One of RtBE's favorite all time Dylan concerts took place in Philly back in 2002.  You can see the set list here, but it doesn't do it justice to just what an amazing night of music and hanging with friends it truly was.

The bard has not yet announced his annual NYC gathering around Thanksgiving. Usually Dylan will play The Beacon or comparable venue for a few nights before Turkey Day, but his camp has been silent on any announcements as his tour had ended on the 20th in Connecticut until the news he will be playing Philly broke.

Here's hoping some NYC dates get added really soon, as the last time we caught Dylan was a fantastic night of tunes, the best we have seen him in years and it ended up being one of our favorites of 2017.

To hopefully put good vibes into the ether, here are some live Dylan tunes which have not yet been taken down from youtube. These are from Dylan's amazing run at The Supper Club in 1993 to get ready for his Unplugged performance...hmm RtBE should write some more about these shows one day...:

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