Thursday, September 13, 2018

Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Sheer Terror & More Playing Tompkins Sq 9/29 Jimmy G Benefit

Getting sick sucks and that is what happened to Jimmy Gestapo, lead singer of Murphy's Law. Jimmy has been in the hospital dealing with some serious health issues and is in need of support. He is one of the most beloved people in the NYHC scene and his friends are coming together to perform a benefit for him in Tompkins Square Park on Saturday September 29th.

If you can not attend, you can still donate here

We just caught Murphy's opening for the Misfits and hope Jimmy G can recover as quickly as possible. A few years ago RtBE attended the show when it was a benefit for Dr. Know. The worthy cause was very helpful to his recovery and the music/vibe all day was fantastic as we got to hang with new and very old friends. In fact, it was one of our favorites of 2016.

This year RtBE will also be attending as well because besides the great bands playing (Killing Time to name just one) and because we have meet and hung out with Jimmy on multiple occasions. Come to think of it, who hasn't who has been around the NYHC scene for the last 40 years?

A great guy, killer bands, in the heart of the Lower East Side, Saturday the 29th should not be missed. To get in the mood here are some songs from the groups playing in a few weekends: