Thursday, November 29, 2018

Album Review: BB and the Blips - Shame Job

BB and the Blips
Shame Job
*** out of *****

The Australian punk outfit BB and the Blips debut record on Oakland's Thrilling Living record label is a blast of lo-fi punk rock that in their words is a "retort to the insidious and complacent “she’ll be right” mentality fomented in the so-called Lucky Country."

The quintet (BB on vocals, Ben on Drums, Max on Bass, Rowena on Guitar, Will on Guitar) addresses sexual inequalities and shaming in various forms over Shame Job's ten direct tracks. Opener "Matriduxy" begins sluggish but picks up the tempo with scuzzy punk sound and nasally vocals. Lead singer BB has a voice that can fluctuate between Johnny Rotten snarl and Marissa Paternoster of Screaming Females soaring up/down warbles before randomly yelping to punctuate things; this style keeps the listener engaged as the bands smokes around her.

The title track is a blast of raw energy while frantically yelling and playing with abandon rambles fourth on one of the highlight tracks "L.I.B.I.D.O". The group has a Sex Pistols sound which goers beyond just the lead vocals as both "Lucky Country" "The Ballad of Personal Growth" and "Bitcoin Baby" clang, bang and groove in that late 70's dirty way while the drums and guitars lead a killer groove on "Corrections" which ends too soon chanting the refrain "Hope is a Prism/No more Prisons".   

The short debut (the full length is a mere 22 minutes)  ends with a pummeling effort "Whinge and Whine" that lets BB and the Blips soar and still deliver physical release. Shame Job gets it's point across in digestible punk fashion with thudding/motoring low end and scuffed up guitars around an engaging lead singer as this Australian act delivers on their first effort.
Support the artists, buy the record, stream it on bandcamp or below and peep some video:

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