Thursday, November 15, 2018

Album Review: Tozcos -Sueños Deceptivos

Sueños Deceptivos
**** out of *****

The Santa Ana based four piece Tozcos has been around a few years releasing various EP's and singles and now comes their first full length Sueños Deceptivos. The record is a blistering assault of hardcore/punk screeching alive and present from the first track as the band vibrates with a compulsive energy that is barely controlled on record.

The band members Corrina Pichardo (drums), Jose Limon (guitar), Kevin Lopez (bass), Monsé Segura (vocals) are instantly at your throat with "Guerra Mundial" as the record kicks off before it's heavy slamming segues into "Asqueroso". While all the lyrics are sung/yelled in Spanish the fury palpably arrives through the speakers clearly, if not the exact meaning (to these English only ears sadly) but that matters little.

The tension building "Ritmo de la Muerte" shows the band can do more than just play hard and fast as they add texture to their formula and (slightly) tone done the aggression. "Sangre Roja, Sangre Tuya" injects some driving bass runs from Lopez while "Rechazo" screams directly forward; front woman Segura is a dynamo and clear focus, but the players expertly support her with rippling punk waves to surf upon.

Speakers of any language can follow along and join in for the crowd screaming power of "Es Mi Vida" while the ominous marching drums from Pichardo lead the way on "Veneno". The frantic tempo almost derails the speed metal fast "La Ilusion" and the tempo never lets up for the rhythmically propulsive title track.

The group works best at these breakneck speeds as the least engaging track is also the longest and slowest in "Un Hogar" but the disk wraps up firing on all cylinders as Limons buzzsaw guitar work cuts through everything on "Agusto En Miseria".

Production is bright clean and thundering when necessary as the band sound like seasoned pros careering through the 13 songs presented here just under 25 minutes. Fans of punk rock, no matter what language they speak, will not be deceived by Sueños Deceptivos
Support the artists, buy the album, stream it on bandcamp or below and peep some video:

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