Thursday, November 29, 2018

Album Review: Warthog - Warthog EP

**and1/2 out of *****

Their first EP in a few years finds the New York Hardcore band Warthog slamming straight ahead from the drop as the brief 4 song offering kicks off with "Corroded". The five piece punk/hardcore outfit fronted by Chris Hansell use the sludge bass to set the tone as the track blasts, pausing only for a guitar solo to rock up the end of the track.

The follow up "Levitated Corpse" has more of a plodding tempo as the band trudges, thundering around Hansell's yells which remind of early Zack De La Rocha circa Inside Out. Half way through though "Levitated Corpse" blasts off fueled by sizzling guitars and rumbling bass. Perhaps not surprisingly for this genre the lyrics and yells are buried by the furious aggression so a lyric sheet is need to understand the nuances, but the violent meaning manages to come through.

The drums propel "Death's Hand" forward as the band ups the ferocity before a grooving "Brainwasher" closes the record on the most melodic note that Warthog offer. The band seems to release 4 songs every few years, and this collection is certainly up to the levels of past offerings.
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