Friday, May 1, 2020

New Songs on Bandcamp from Thurston Moore, Drive By Truckers and More

As mentioned, Bandcamp is supporting artists by waiving all of their fees today, so if you can, please go buy some music from any artist you may like. We have been reviewing bandcamp releases for years, so feel free to click on this link to see our list of bandcamp picks. 

A few of RtBE's Personal Favorites are releasing new music on the site for you to grab. 
Thurston Moore and his band have released a new tune they recorded a while ago titled "May Daze"

The Drive-By Truckers wrote and recorded a new a song based on the lock down, "Quarantine Together" which you can grab from their bandcamp. They also have a new t-shirt you can buy to support the band.

The Hold Steady have released a new live show for download


Here is some live video of Thurston Moore Band, because we can use some noise rock on this Friday Night:

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