Thursday, April 30, 2020

Bandcamp Supporting Artists All Day Tomorrow

Bandcamp is a great site for musicians and tomorrow they are helping them out even more by waiving their fees getting more money directly to musicians.

Over the years RtBE has used bandcamp to find many artists, so if you are looking for suggestions click here. Please support any artists you like, or try out some new ones.

As it happens I have two EPs currently available on Bandcamp that you can purchase from my band Angels & Vagabonds. Our first EP, The A&V EP from 2014 and our our acoustic based release Anyways... from 2015 are both available. A new album is currently being worked on and will be coming later this year (hopefully).

You can stream and purchase either, below are some tunes from both, but don't just support us, feel free to check out our bandcamp link for just a few of the great artists RtBE have found over the years.

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