Thursday, May 19, 2022

Sazerwrap 2022

In years past we have delivered a Sazerwrap to catalog our personal Jazzfest experience, so we will continue this year, even though this trip had the most official reviews we have ever done. 
2022 Jazzfest was a dream come true after the last two years were canceled. It was the first festival that RtBE was in town for both weekends in 10 years when we were down for an extended time in 2012.  This was also the first festival trip where we also got to stay in our own New Orleans home that was purchased pre-pandemic. Magical on all levels. 

We have reviewed many of the shows we caught down there for both Glide Magazine and this site, with even more reviews coming, but there was still a lot of music we didn't review and just enjoyed. 

The first ever Factory Fest was a hoot and we got to find some shade and relax to the sounds of New Orleans Nightcrawlers

The fantastic Little Freddy King also played the free show presented by the Louisiana Music Factory and was held at the New Orleans Jazz Museum in the lower French Quarter.   

The city always delivers as we made it over to catch Big Chief Donald Harrison play a set of classics in Congo Square which was a definite highlight of the whole trip. 

Other days saw us catching Meschiya Lake and the Little Big Horns at The Spotted Cat, our friends in Obliquestra with special guest scary clowns and so much more that we didn't take pics of.  

While we didn't review the Fest itself on the Friday we went, our favorite set was probably from The Stooges Brass Band as they delivered protest party music under the blazing sun. Preservation Hall Jazz Band was excellent as always on the Gentilly Stage and Big Freedia brought tons of ass shaking to Congo Square Stage as well; Friday was a scorcher in more ways than one.  

As far as the food front, so many good meals it is hard to pick a best. Gianna was amazing Italian offerings, Le Petite Grocery was divine, Herbsaint was tasty as all hell and the new Miss River was a food overload. 

No food pics like past years this time, but trust me that each restaurant delivered A+ offerings. Impossible to pick a favorite and can't wait to go back to all of them. 

The town now is officially part of RtBE's life now and we can not wait to return, or for next years fest. Until then, some video from this years fest:

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