Monday, May 16, 2022

Album Review: Primus - Conspiranoid EP

Conspiranoid EP
***and1/2 out of *****

These days Primus is just one outlet for the freaky frontman/bass maestro Les Claypool as he has everything from Bastard Jazz to wine making to Oysterhead going on, but the brief new EP Conspiranoid is some of the strongest music this trio has put out in some time. It maintains the bands heavier roots while incorporating their fearless leaders more spaced out vibes, which have always been coursing through this groups collective veins. 

The opening song, "Conspiranoia" is the longest studio song of Primus' career and it is a winning mix of old school sounds from the band with the tripped out Pink Floyd and prog influences Claypool normally deploys on his Claypool Lennon Delirium outings. Lyrically Les is dealing with modern day conspiracy theories and those who blindly or willingly follow them. Musically the trio deploy deep thumps/freaky bass runs and Larry LaLonde flights of sonic fancy on guitar. The jam which starts around six minutes in is prime Primus as the explosive trio navigate these psychedelia tinged waters before breaking it back down to the heavy groove motif.   

The ending goes on long with samples of flat earthers, COVID myths and other lies prominent in society these days as the band begrudgingly chunks along. That vibe of idiocy is continued in the following "Follow The Fool" but the aggression is amped with Tim "Herb" Alexanders percussion hitting hard around Claypool's sticky bass lines latching on to ear cannels. 

The short EP closes with an oddly funky "Erin on the Side of Caution", delivering freaky guitar work from LaLonde, around a thundering low end laid down by Herb and Les, slamming to life two minutes in and delivering those classic Primus sounds with a new engaging twist. 

The only regret from this release is that there isn't more of it as Les, Ler and Herb seem to be back in the groove that made them one of the most interesting bands while they were at their peak a few decades ago. Hopefully Primus have some more in the tank ready to go in the near future as the Conspiranoid EP is a strong dose.
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